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Whole Life Ltd was set up in 2008.  We are best known as specialists in life cycle costing for construction, although increasingly the balance between cost and other aspects of performance, in particular environmental sustainability, is what our clients are seeking.

We work closely with our clients, providing value at each stage of project procurement and during the use stage of built assets.

We are committed to the highest professional standards, and work closely on development of authoritative guidance with professional institutions such as RICS  and CIBSE and standards makers such as BSI ,  ISO and CEN.

We are technically expert, pragmatic and analytical.

We work with project teams and client teams – we believe in integration.

The Managing Director is Kathryn Bourke MA, M.Phil, MRICS. She is a Chartered Building Surveyor with over 20 years experience in a range of leading construction consultancies. Previously she worked with Faithful+Gould, where she was responsible for developing whole life value appraisal methodologies, as well as whole life costing for PFI/PPP. At BRE she led a team developing policy and methods of modelling whole life costs and whole life value. Prior to that she developed the HAPM Component Life Manual as part of latent defects specialists Building Performance Group.

Kathryn has internationally recognised expertise in respect of both building durability and predicting long-term costs. She chairs the group responsible for developing an International Standard on life cycle costing, and she continues to represent the UK on work to develop standards for assessing the sustainability of buildings and other constructed assets.

Within the group we also have associates with independent specialisms including:

Alexandra Stacey – experienced events, communications, networks and projects manager

Anthony Waterman – independent cost consultant

Mike Clift – Chartered Architect specializing in building performance and procurement advice.

Robert Hill – surveyor specializing in defects, surveys and quality.