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Whole LIfe Ltd have been actively involved in development of all the key codes and standards governing life cycle costing and associated issues. The key standards are shown below. All are available from shop.bsigroup.com

The key standards are

BS ISO 15686-5 Life Cycle Costing: 2008

BSI PD 156865 Standardised Method of Life Cycle Costing for Construction Procurement: 2008

BS 8544 Guide for Life Cycle Costing of Maintenance during the In Use Phases of Buildings: 2013

BS EN15643-4:2012 Sustainability of Construction Works. Assessment of Buildings. Framework for the Assessment of Economic Performance

BS EN16627:2015 Sustainability of construction works - Assessment of economic performance of buildings - Calculation methods

BS 7543: 2015 Guide to durability of buildings and building elements, products and components