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NEW .....  RICS 'Black Book' on Life cycle costing

This guidance note summarises what is meant by

life cycle costing (LCC) and whole life cositng (WLC) service for both new construction works and for the refurbishment of existing assets. The guidance follows the guiding principles outlined in the BCIS/BSI pubication PD15686-5 Standardized Method of Life Cycle Costing for Construction Procurement.

Achieving Whole Life Value in buildings and infrastructure

Best practice guidance on how to procure construction on the basis of whole life value, not just initial cost.

Clients guide to whole life costing

This guide explains the benefits to clients of using whole life costing as the basis for their construction procurement. it encourages the choice of a solution that achieves the most cost-effective balance between initial and running costs.

Designing Quality Buildings - introduction

Introduction to overview guidance from BRE on achieving quality in buildings - defined as designing buildings that are fit for purpose, adaptable and durable. It is based on achieving a balance between economic, social and environmental quality.

Potential implications of climate change in the built environment

Assessment of the risks and implications of climate change on the built environment, and recommendations on adaptation strategies.

Whole life value - sustainable design in the built environment

The paper describes an integrated web based tool for assessment of design throughout the life cycle of a building.

Briefing on whole life costing

Quick overview on whole life costing, life cycle costing, how they relate to sustainability. Particularly relevant to schools procurement.

Facilities management and life cycle costing

Prioritisation of expenditure on facilities is key for most building owners, and how to procure maintenance to ensure that the organisations' policies and priorities are met is a challenge for many, especially when budgets are tight.