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The overall aim of IMPACT is to integrate Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing and Building Information Modelling.

The IES IMPACT Compliant Suite consists of three modules:

¥     CostPlan (Capital Costing - CC)

¥     LifeCycle (Life Cycle Costing - LCC)

¥     EnviroIMPACT (Environmental Impact / Life Cycle Assessment - LCA)

All  are integrated with the full IESVE dynamic simulation suite so can also assess other performance metrics in conjunction, e.g. Part L and BREEAM. The IMPACT Compliant Suite of software is available for FREE* to all IESVE users. The IMPACT Compliant BRE and Willmott Dixon industry recognised cost and LCA data sets (chargeable) are designed to work with the software as a complete package, allowing you to get started without any data input.